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A Nightmare on Elm Street
A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010-1-
He knows where you sleep.
Welcome to Your New Nightmare.
Directed By
Samuel Bayer
Produced By
Michael Bay
Andrew Form
Brad Fuller
Written By
Wesley Strick,
Eric Heisserer
Jackie Earle Haley
Kyle Gallner,
Rooney Mara,
Katie Cassidy,
Thomas Dekker,
Kellan Lutz
Music By
Steve Jablonsky,
Charles Bernstein (Themes)
Jeff Cutter
Editing By
Glen Scantlebury

Distributed By
New Line Cinema
Release Date(s)
April 30, 2010
94 minutes
Flag of the United States United States
This page is about the remake. For the original film, see A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984).

A Nightmare on Elm Street is a 2010 American-Fantasy Slasher Film Remake of the original Wes Craven Classic A Nightmare On Elm Street. It was written by Eric Heiresser and Directed by music video director Samuel Bayer.

The film introduces the new nightmare of Micro-Naps as well as more of the original children of Elm Street targeted for death by the demonic dream stalker Freddy Krueger.

Plot Edit

While at the Springwood Diner with his girlfriend, Kris Fowles, Dean Russell falls asleep at the table and meets a man covered in burn scars, wearing a red and green sweater and a clawed glove on his hand. The burned man cuts Dean's throat in the dream, but in reality it appears that Dean is cutting his own throat as friend and waitress Nancy Holbrook looks on with Kris. At Dean's funeral, Kris sees a photograph of her and Dean as children, but cannot recall ever knowing Dean before high school. Kris begins to dream about the burned man herself and refuses to go to sleep for fear that she will die in her dreams. Jesse Braun, Kris's ex-boyfriend, shows up at her house to keep her company while she sleeps, but Kris meets the burned man in her dreams and is murdered. Covered in blood, Jesse runs to Nancy's house to try to explain what happened and he learns that Nancy has been having dreams about the same man; that man's name is Freddy.

Jesse is apprehended by the police under suspicion of murdering Kris, and is killed by Freddy when he falls asleep in his jail cell. With her friends dying, Nancy begins to question what everyone's connection is to each other, given that none of them can remember each other before their teenage years. Eventually, Nancy and her friend Quentin Smith discover that all of them, including more children, attended the same preschool together. Nancy's mother Gwen reluctantly tells Nancy and Quentin that there was a gardener at the preschool, Fred Krueger, who hurt Nancy and the rest of the kids. Gwen explains that Nancy was his favorite, and came home one day telling her mom about Freddy's "magic cave" and the things that happened down there. Gwen claims Krueger skipped town before he was arrested. Nancy does not believe her and attempts to track down the remaining kids from the school. Nancy eventually discovers that all of the other kids have been killed, most of them in their sleep. Meanwhile, Quentin tries to accept that everything is nothing more than repressed memories, but he falls asleep during swim practice and witnesses what really happened to Krueger. Quentin sees everyone's parents hunt down Krueger, and then burn him alive. Quentin and Nancy confront Quentin's father, Alan Smith, about the reality they murdered Krueger with no actual evidence that he had committed any crime. Nancy and Quentin, who both begin sporadically dreaming while they are awake as a result of insomnia, decide to go to the preschool and learn what they can about Krueger.

On the way, Nancy falls asleep and is attacked by Freddy, but when Quentin wakes her up they discover she has pulled a piece of Freddy's sweater out of the dreamworld and into reality. Quentin takes Nancy to the hospital for cuts on her arm; there, he steals some adrenaline and a syringe to help them stay awake. Nancy and Quentin leave the hospital and eventually make it to the preschool. Quentin uncovers Krueger's "magic cave" and the evidence that proves Krueger was physically and sexually abusing all of the childre
A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 Freddy Krueger-1-

Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger

n. Nancy decides the only way to end this is to pull Krueger out of their dreams and kill him in reality. Quentin tries to stay awake long enough to pull Nancy out of her dream when she has Freddy, but he falls asleep and is attacked. Krueger then goes after Nancy, and explains that he intentionally left her for last so she would stay awake long enough that when she finally fell asleep, she would no longer be able to wake back up. While Nancy struggles with Freddy, Quentin wakes and uses the adrenaline to bring Nancy up and pull Freddy into reality. With Krueger distracted by Quentin, Nancy uses a broken paper cutter blade to cut Freddy's gloved hand off, and then slice his throat. Afterward, Nancy torches the secret room, with Krueger's body left inside, while she and Quentin leave.

Nancy and her mother return home from the hospital, with Nancy being told she should get some sleep. Krueger suddenly appears in a mirror's reflection and kills Nancy's mother before pulling her body through the mirror while Nancy screams.

Cast Edit

  • Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger
  • Rooney Mara as Nancy Holbrook
  • Kyle Gallner as Quentin Smith
  • Katie Cassidy as Kris Fowles
  • Thomas Dekker as Jesse Braun
  • Kellan Lutz as Dean Russel
  • Connie Britton as Gwen Holbrook
  • Clancy Brown as Alan Smith

List of DeathsEdit

List of deaths in the film, A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010).

Name Cause of Death Killer On Screen Notes
Dean Russell Hand slashed with bladed glove, throat knifed/slit Freddy Krueger Yes Dream World
Kristen "Kris" Fowles Lifted/bashed 8 times in bedroom, torso slashed with bladed glove Freddy Krueger Yes Dream World
Jesse Braun Impaled through back/disemboweled with bladed glove Freddy Krueger Yes Dream World
Marcus Yeon Head bashed in computer Freddy Krueger Yes Dream World
Gwen Holbrook Bladed glove in back of head through face/eye, pulled in mirror Freddy Krueger Yes Dream World

Release Edit

A Nightmare on Elm Street was released on April 30, 2010 to 3,332 theaters and approximately 4700 screens, making it the twelfth widest opening for an R-rated film in the United States. Comparatively, the original Nightmare on Elm Street was only released to 165 theaters on its opening, November 9, 1984; its widest release by the end of its box office run was 380 theaters. The 2010 remake holds the record for widest Nightmare on Elm Street release, beating out Freddy vs. Jason by 318 theaters. A Nightmare on Elm Street was released on DVD and Blu-ray on October 5, 2010. The DVD's only feature is a featurette, "Freddy Krueger Reborn". The Blu-ray special features include the DVD's featurette along with a deleted scene, an alternate opening and ending, and the "Maniacle Movie Mode".

Reception Edit

The film was heavily panned by people and critics.

Awards Edit

  • Scream 2010
    • Nominated: Best Horror Film
    • Nominated: Best Villain (Freddy Krueger)

Videos Edit

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) - OFFICIAL TEASER TRAILER (HD)

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) - OFFICIAL TEASER TRAILER (HD)

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