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Alice, Sweet Alice
Alice sweet alice poster.preview
If You Survive This Night... Nothing Will Scare You Again.
Directed By
Alfred Sole
Produced By
Richard K. Rosenberg,
Alfred Sole
Written By
Rosemary Ritvo,
Alfred Sole
Linda Miller,
Paula Sheppard,
Lillian Roth,
Alphonso DeNoble,
Brooke Shields
Music By
Stephen J. Lawrence
Chuck Hall,
John Friberg
Editing By
Edward Salier

Distributed By
Allied Artists
Anchor Bay Entertainment
Release Date(s)
November 13, 1976
98 minutes,
108 minutes (unrated version)
Flag of the United States United States

Alice, Sweet Alice (also known as Communion and Holy Terror) is a 1976 horror film directed by Alfred Sole. The plot invoves a young girl who is murdered in a church while preparing for her first communion and her older sister is believed to be the killer.

Plot Edit

The film starts as Cathrien Spags and her two daughters are visiting father tom. When they get there Tom gives Karen his mother's crucifix since she's preparing for her first communion her older sister Alice becomes jealousee and puts on a creepy grining mask and scars Mrs. Tredoni FAther Toms housekepper. Later Alice steels KArens Doll and lures her to a warehouse with it when Karen gets therer Alice jumps out and scares her then locks her in a room when she lets Karen Alice tells her that if she tells Cathrine she'll never see the Doll again. On the big day Karen is pulled away by a person whearing a shiny yellow raincoat and the same mask as Alice and strangles her to death, next Alice appears wakin gin through the side door and takes Karen's place.

Cast Edit

  • Linda Miller as Catherine Spages
  • Mildred Clinton as Mrs. Tredoni
  • Paula E. Sheppard as Alice Spages
  • Niles McMaster as Dominick 'Dom' Spages
  • Jane Lowry as Aunt Annie DeLorenze
  • Rudolph Willrich as Father Tom
  • Michael Hardstark as Detective Spina
  • Alphonso DeNoble as Alphonso
  • Gary Allen as Jim DeLorenze
  • Brooke Shields as Karen Spages
  • Louisa Horton as Dr. Whitman
  • Tom Signorelli as Detective Brennan
  • Antonino Rocca as Funeral Director
  • Lillian Roth as Pathologist
  • Kathy Rich as Angela DeLorenze

Videos Edit

Alice, Sweet Alice (1976) - Trailer01:42

Alice, Sweet Alice (1976) - Trailer

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