Anna Gonsalves
Predator Anna
Predator 2 (mentioned)
Portrayed by
Elpidia Carrillo

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We begin finding our men. We found them sometimes without their skins... and sometimes much, much worse.
Anna, describing previous encounters with the Predators

Anna Gonsalves was played by Elpidia Carrillo in Predator.

Biography Edit

She was a member of a Communist guerrilla force operating in Central America, where she was captured in 1987 by Alan "Dutch" Schaefer's private military team. At first she saw them as the enemy, but this changed after their mission was finished, because after that Dutch's squad subsequently came into contact with a Predator, that stalked and killed the elite mercenaries one-by-one. She had to see the death of the first one first-hand, which traumatized her.

While she had no prior experience of the Predator herself, she knew of its existence through folk legends of a "demon" that, during hot summers, would kill people and horribly mutilate their corpses as trophies. She therefore helped Dutch in any way she could. She was also the one that noticed, that the Predator can be wounded.

She, along with Dutch, survived the incident in Val Verde virtually unharmed, apparently spared because she did not carry a weapon. She went to the Americans to report what was going on and they believed her, especially after they saw the small nuclear explosion, that the Predator ignited after he was defeated by Dutch.

She belonged to the people, who took Dutch home after his fight with the Predator  and would go on to provide details of the encounter to the American government, like Dutch.