IMDb Rating
The Giant Behemoth (Behemoth, the Sea Monster)
Directed By
Produced By
Ted Lioyd
Music By
Ken Hodges
Editing By
Lee Doig

Produced By
Artistes Alliance, Ltd.
Distributed By
Allied Artists
Release Date(s)
March 1959 (U.S.)
80 minutes.
Flag of the United States United States
Preceded By
The Giant Behemoth (also known as Behemoth, the Sea Monster and The Behemoth) is a 1959 American-British black-and-white science fiction giant monster film distributed by Allied Artsts Pictures. The film was produced by Ted Lioyd, directed by Eugene Lourié, and stas Gene Evans and André Morell. The screenplay was written by blacklisted author Daniel James (under the name "Daniel Hyatt") with directed Lourié.

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