Bennett Tramer
Bennett Tramer
Known aliases: Ben
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known relatives: Carl Tramer(Father),
Bonnie Irvine(Mother)
Year of birth: June 20th, 1961
Year of death: October 31st, 1978
Signature weapon:
First appearance: Halloween II
Portrayed by: Jack Verbois
Unfinished MichaelIcon

Bennet "Ben" Tramer is a character in the Halloween franchise. He is first mentioned in the original Halloween and appears in Halloween II played by Jack Verbois.


Ben Tramer was born to Carl Tramer and Bonnie Irvine on June 20, 1961 in Haddonfield, Illinois. Laurie Strode had a crush on him but was too shy to ask him out. She never got a chance to go on a date with him as he died the same night as her friends did, however he wasn't killed by Michael Myers. At that night he was wearing very similar clothing to Michael, the police and Dr. Sam Loomis assumed it's him and chased him down. A cop car crashed into him and pinned him to a van, causing a fire and killing him.


  • Ben Tramer is mentioned in the 1978 Halloween and in the remake version.
  • In the remake version he is never seen but is mentioned as a friend of Paul's. He wasn't very smart according to Annie Brackett but she considered him good enough for Laurie to date.

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