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Bill Neill
Bill Neill (Howling) 001
Known aliases
R. William Neill
Known relatives

Karen White (wife, deceased),
Ben White (brother-in-law)

Marsha Quist (werewolf mate)
Year of death
Portrayed by
Christopher Stone

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Bill Neill is a character in the 1981 movie The Howling.

About Edit

Bill worked at the KDHD news station in California and was the husband of investigative reporter and broadcaster, Karen White. To help Karen recover from a traumatic investigation into the life of serial killer Eddie Quist, Bill took his wife for an extended stay at the Colony. While there, Bill was attacked and infected by one of the werewolves living at the Colony.

Bill was later seduced by the werewolf vixen, Marsha Quist. Karen immediately noticed a change in Bill's demeanor when he began acting more violently and began eating meat (he was otherwise a vegetarian). During the night of a full moon, Bill meets Marsha outside in the woods where they proceed to have sex by a campfire. As they continue to have sex both start to transform into werewolves. Bill fully turns into a werewolf and officially joins the pack after he orgasms. When he returns to the cabin, Karen notices the claw marks on his back that Marsha left during their transformation and smacks Karen when she insults Marsha. Chris helped Karen to escape and they succeeded in corralling most of the werewolves into a barn, locking it. Chris then set the place on fire and let it burn.

The werewolves managed to claw their way out and one of them, Bill, chased Chris' car as Karen and he tried to get away. He pounced on top of the roof and tore his way inside whereupon he bit Karen on the shoulder. Chris shot him with his shotgun and Karen saw the beast fall into the back seat where it transformed back into Bill Neill.

Notes Edit

  • Named for director Roy William Neill who directed the 1943 film, Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man.
  • Actor Christopher Stone was married to co-star Dee Wallace at the time of filming.
  • Stone also starred in Cujo along with Dee Wallace.
  • Bill had a U.S.M.C. tattoo on his right shoulder.