Brenda Bates
Portrayed by
Rebecca Gayheart

Brenda Bates is a main character and the serial killer from the 1998 slasher film Urban Legend.

History Edit

Brenda was a relatively new student at Pendleton College, New Hampshire and befriended the cautious, lonely Natalie. Brenda had however transferred to Pendleton to gain bloody vengeance on an unsuspecting Natalie for when the latter, along with her old high school friend Michelle Mancini, ran over Brenda's husband-to be David Evans one year earlier. However, it was only an accident which spiralled from an Urban Legend prank known as the Gang High Beam Initiation.

Brenda, adopting the M.O of urban legends and bestowing them upon her victims, first punished Michelle Mancini by stealing the American Folklore professor's hood and battle axe and decapitating Michelle in her moving car. Brenda then murdered Natalie's other friends one-by-one using other urban horror tales as her methods.

Next was the sleazy, practical joker frat boy Damon Brooks, who was parked with Natalie in his car in the woods. The hooded Brenda attacked Damon while he had gone to urinate and then strung him up by rope above the car.

When Natalie went in reverse, Damon was hanged and then propelled back onto the car's windshield. Brenda then brought the car, with Damon's body, back to the vacant Stanley Hall, leaving campus security guard Reese to believe that Natalie had imagined the murder.

Brenda's next unfortunate victim was Natalie's manic depressive goth roommate Tosh. Posing as a possible candidate on an goth dating website, Brenda slipped into Tosh's room while she was out getting ready, and proceeded to strangle her on her bed. Natalie returned while the killing was in progress, but failed to see what was happening as Brenda had turned the computer screen leaving no light in the room.


The following morning, Natalie discovered Tosh's body with cuts on her wrists and the urban legend message "Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn on the Light" painted in blood on the wall. Brenda then upped the body count with Natalie's friend Parker, also a sleazy, partying frat boy. Brenda then murdered the Pendleton College Principal Dean Adams by slitting the back of his heels and engaging his vehicle in the car park to run him over tire spikes.

To kill Parker, Brenda used Damon's cell phone and an edited voice. She called Parker at his house during the Stanley Hall Massacre Commemoration Party and killed his dog by cooking it in the microwave, for Parker to find. Brenda then knocked Parker unconscious and killed him after tying him to an upstairs toilet, via Pop Rocks and drain cleaner.

Shortly afterwards, Brenda slips into Pendleton's WZAB radio station on campus and silently kills a radio broadcaster. Then Natalie's friend Sasha in the next room is attacked and chased to an upstairs room where she is struck and killed with the battle axe. Brenda then pretends not to know what is happening and runs into Natalie and Paul. She then uses the dead body of their Professor Wexler to make Natalie think Paul is the killer.

Natalie and Brenda then run away from Paul, with Brenda pretending to stray behind and be captured by Paul. Brenda then waits for Natalie to come for her at the abandoned Stanley Hall, where Natalie uncovers the dead bodies of Dean Adams, Parker and Damon. Brenda then pretends she has been killed before knocking Natalie unconscious.

Brenda reveals that she is the killer to Natalie and that the man that died that night was her fiancee. Brenda then attempts to finish Natalie via the Kidney Heist urban legend. However, Reese the campus security guard distracts Brenda long enough for Natalie to shoot her out the window, along with Paul. Not being dead, Brenda however stows away in the backseat of Paul's car as him and Natalie are driving away to get help for the wounded Reese.

Paul swerves the car upon Brenda's attacks, and she flies through the windshield and out onto the river below. Brenda is believed to be finally dead but, in the ending sequence, she is seen at Ashton College with a group of students discussing the Urban Legend of the Killer Brenda and her body never being found.

Brenda is only seen in the second installment, Urban Legend 2, while she tows the second movie's killer in a hospital wheelchair.

About Edit

While pretending to be Natalie, Damon, Parker, Paul and Sasha's friend, Brenda comes off as shy, resistant and genuinely shocked the gruesome murders transpiring. In reality, however, she is scheming, taunting, infuriated and vengeful. She is also very jealous and easily upset over men, as when Natalie is seen in the film sharing a kiss with Paul, whom Brenda expressed to Natalie that she liked.

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