Brigitte Fitzgerald
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Brigitte Fitzgerald is a character from the Ginger Snaps trilogy. She and her sister Ginger are the main characters from the trilogy.

Biography Edit

Brigitte Fitzgerald, sister of Ginger, is an outcast. She and Ginger made a blood pact when they were 8 years old, that they would commit suicide if they haven't left their town by the age of 16. She loves her sister fiercely, as expressed quite iften in the movie. She stands by Ginger after she's been bitten by a werewolf, and approaches the local drug dealer, Sam, for a way to help them. She is then rejected by Ginger, whom is jealous of her sister's new friendship with Sam, which obviously doesn't involve her. When Ginger becomes unstable, she reunites with Brigitte. On Halloween, Brigitte locks Ginger in their bathroom so she and Sam can create a cure. Ginger sees this as betrayal, breaks out, and attacks Sam. Brigitte arrives, in an attempt to reach her sister, she cuts both their palms, and mixes their blood, infecting herself. She and Sam take Ginger home in Sam's van, but Ginger transforms on the way. At the house, ginger jumps out of the van and kills Sam. Brigitte, having mixed a cure but wielding a knife in her other hand, runs from Ginger but is eventually cornered by her. Ginger pounces on her, and brigitte's first instinct is to defend herself, so she stabs ginger with the knife instead of the cure. The film ends with her embracing the dying beast and witnessing its last breath.


In the sequel, Brigitte is on the run from a werewolf, and we learn the cure is not a cure at all, but a means of slowing the transformation into a lycanthrope. Brigitte drifts from town to town, motel to motel, increasing her dosage the closer she gets to the creature within. She is haunted by her own conscience, seeing Ginger everywhere, taunting her. One night, a librarian finds her "tripping" and tries to help her, but he is then torn to pieces and dragged off by the wolf that had been following Brigitte. She runs off, but due to the rush from the drug, she collapses into the snow and passes out. She wakes up in a drug rehab center where they mistake her drug use for addiction, thus depriving her of the one thing stopping her from becoming a beast. She reluctantly becomes friends with a strange little girl, who later helps her to escape. With a limited drug supply, however, Brigitte keeps changing and eventually her body rejects the drug. The werewolf following Brigitte had found her again, and a battle between them ends badly with Brigitte seriously injured and barely human anymore. She is then locked in the basement by the little girl, who finally reveals her intention to keep Brigitte-Wolf as a pet.

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