Brown Jenkin
Brown Jenkin
Known relatives
Year of birth
Over 400 years old
Portrayed by
Yevgen Voronin

Brown Jenkin is a character and the secundary villain in the Masters of Horror 's episode, H. P. Lovecraft's Dreams in the Witch-House. He is played by Yevgen Voronin. He originates from the short story, Dreams in the Witch-House by H. P. Lovecraft.


Brown Jenkin is the animal familiar of the witch Keziah Mason. After she disappeared in 1692, he would help her tormenting men who rented a room in a boarding house. They invaded the minds of men who rented that room, plagueing them with nightmares and driving them mad. Eventually, they force the men to sacrifice babies to the devil. One of these men was Masurewicz who eventually sacrificed a baby to the devil under the influence of Keziah Mason. In later years, Masurewicz would cover the wall of his rooms with crucifixes, in an attempt to protect his soul.

Their  latest victim was Walter Gilman, a university student who rent the room. In his first appearance, Jenkin tormented Frances Elwood and her baby, constantly attacking them until their true target scared him away. He would later appear in Gilman's room, sitting on his chest, telling him that his mistress is coming. His mistress would eventually seduce and mark Gilman and led him to a room where he was supposed to write his name in a book, using his blood. Jenkin provided the blood, by biting Gilman's wrist, painting the pages with the blood.

Brown Jenkin's backstory was revealed to Gilman, throught the Necronomicon. After his mistress failed to force Gilman in sacrificing Elwood's baby Danny, Jenkin killed the child, framing Gilman and eventually killed Gilman in the asylum, by burying a hole in the man's side.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Due to his rather short appearances and limited background, it is unknown which abilities are his own, and which are that of his mistress. His rat physiology however make him very agile and fast, as well giving a strong bite. This bite is strong enough to kill an adult as he used it to burrow a hole in Gilman's side, killing the man in the process.


Being the animal familiar of Keziah Mason, Brown Jenkin has taken the form of a rat, with a bearded human face. He has sharp teeth, who are often exposed. 


Brown Jenkin is an evil being with no mercy for his victims. He will relentlessly torment them until his mistress has what she wants and he serves her bidding without a second guess. He is known for committing homicides and infancides, as he killed both Walter Gilman as well as the baby Danny.