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Charles Lee Ray
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Known aliases
Known relatives
Tiffany (Ex-wife)
Year of birth
January 24, 1950
Year of death
November 9, 1988
38 (at time of death)
Portrayed by

Charles Lee Ray is a main character from the Chucky series. He was a voodoo practitioner and serial strangler originally from Hackensack, New Jersey along with Eddie Caputo who were involved in a series of brutal murders and voodoo rituals.


Charles Lee Ray was born to an Irish American mother who came from a wealthy family but worked as a bartender and dancer, and an alcoholic Austrian immigrant father who frequently abused him and his mother, who ultimately hung herself when he was 10. He was then put into care. Despite this, Charles was a very intelligent child with a high IQ. He was also extremely shy, introverted, and suffered from severe anxiety disorder and depression. As a result Charles was bullied right up until high school. When Charles was 14, he wrote in his diary about how much he hated humanity and was a self-confessed misanthrope who had no feelings towards humans or other living beings.


Charles was gunned town in a city toystore (on Nov. 9, 1988) but before his last dying breath he chanted the Damballa ritual, transferring his evil soul into a Good Guy Doll. The Good Guy, aptly called Chucky, went on a rampage terrorizing Andy Barclay and several others.


Chucky as a doll in Child's Play

He was first brought into the horror film industry with Child's Play, the first film installment where he went after 5-year old Andy's soul. He was later incinerated and hacked by the ailing mother. He then returned in the re-made body of Chucky in Child's Play 2 where an adoptive family taking Andy under their wing felt his sting and wrath.

In Child's Play 3 Chucky returns and discovers a now teenage Andy Barclay at a military school where he being bullied by local jocks and endlessly trying to get the girl. That was then Chucky set his sights on an African-American boy to insert his soul into.

In Bride of Chucky, the fourth installment, Tiffany, a former lover of Chucky's who'd spent the past ten years (from 1988-1998) searching for his pieces, finds them, sews him back together, and brings him to life once again. However, when he tells her that what she thought was an engagement ring was actually just a ring that once belonged to one of his victims, Vivien van Pelt, she punishes him by placing him a cage. Chucky later escapes, murders Tiffany, and places her soul in a bridal doll. The two then harass a newly wed couple and their counterparts with bloody carnage and doll intimacy.

In Seed of Chucky, the fifth installment, Chucky and Tiffany find out that their night of intercourse led to the conceiving of a doll child named "Shitface" (later renamed Glen), who is unsure of his gender and origins. Glen is in the captivity of a British punk magician from whom he escapes and tracks his birth parents to Hollywood. There he resurrects Tiffany and Chucky and they begin their twisted family revelation. Tiffany sets her sights on flailing actress Jennifer Tilly.

In Curse Of Chucky, the most recent installment, Chucky has been shipped myseriously mailed to a little girl who is just like Andy in every way,  and loves him like a charm.  But Chucky isn't after the girl.  He is after her two Aunts, her babysitter and nanny, just so he can get right to her.  Eventually, one of her Aunts, "kills", Chucky only for him to be mysteriously mailed again by Tiffany, who is still in Jeniffer's body.  He is mailed to the girl's babysitter, who now keeps her.  In the end, after killing the girl's babysitter, he is sent in the mail again, having apparently killed the girl, too.  Chucky is sent to Andy, who is now in his early thirties.  Although, Andy has gone through the military, and shoots Chucky in the head, ending the film. 

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