IMDb Rating
Cigarette Burns
Directed By
John Carpenter
Produced By
Mick Garris
Written By
Drew McWeeny
Scott Swan
Udo Kier
Christopher Redman
Norman Reedus
Gwynyth Walsh

Release Date(s)
December 18, 2005
60 minutes
Flag of the United States United States
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Cigarette Burns is a 2005 horror film, directed by John Carpenter. It is part of the Masters of Horror series and served as the eight episode of the first season. When Kirby Sweetman, a dealer in rare films and owner of small movie theater is contacted by an old cinefile to find the only existing copy of a rare film, he believes his financial problems to finally over. His hirer wants him to find the copy of L'Absolute Fin du Monde, a film that caused a homicidal riot during its first and only screening. But with the prospect to be able to pay off his debts and keep his theater afloat, he agrees on starting the search.


After being contacted by a rare film collector, a man named Bellinger on a boat, Kirby Sweetman travels to the mansion of Bellinger, where he is greeted by the man's butler. After commenting on the fact that he is late, he brought to Bellinger by the butler. Complimenting on Bellinger on his collection, the man asks if Kirby has his own collection. Kirby confesses that collection would be too expensive but reveals that he has watched everything, he has hunted down, to ensure it is in good state. Amongst the collection of Bellinger, is a poster of an art film, L'Absolute Fin du Monde. When asked what he knows about it, Kirby tells the story behind the film. L'Absolute fin du Monde was screened once on a film festival, which ended in a homicidal riot. This led the director to destroy the only existing copy of the film. Although Bellinger compliments Kirby on his knowledge about the film, he reveals that the film wasn't destroyed, before showing him a prop of the film, hanging on the wall: two angelic wings. Bellinger reveals that he is obsessed by the film, claiming that he wants to see the film to see "true power" and his regrets of not seeing the film on its premiere. He also tells him that there are rumors that film has been shown in Underground theatres and in fact still exist. He provided him with info on where these rumors should lead him. To prove it are more than just rumors to the sceptic Kirby, he takes him to one of the "actors" of the film. Chained in a room, they meet up with a pale man-like being, with strange wounds on his back, like if it once has wings. Forced by Bellinger to reveal what it knows, the pale being claims that its soul is bound to the negative of the film. Should the film have been destroyed, it would know. As a last motivation, he promises rich payment as well as the exclusive right to screen it for two weeks, after Bellinger have seen it. The deal is closed for 200,000 dollar, excluding expenses.

At the theatre, Kirby's friend, Timpson, is working on film rolls, removing so called "Cigarette Burn". As Kirby sits down, he looks at a picture of his late wife, thinking of her and a flashback reveals that they used drugs together. Timpson comes in with the news that the last screening of the evening has been ended. Timpson shows his "prize" and add the Cigarette Burn to his collection. He explains that the cigarette burn is a spoiler of things to come and the experience is better once the small frame is removed. After that, Kirby tells Timpson about his new job, whose intrigued by the video the man send him to collect.


  • Norman Reedus as Kirby
  • Colin Foo as Fung
  • Udo Kier as Bellinger
  • Christopher Redman as Willowy Being
  • Chris Gauthier (as Christopher Gauthier) as Timpson
  • Zara Taylor as Annie
  • Gary Hetherington as Walter
  • Chris Britton as Meyers
  • Julius Chapple as Henri Cotillard
  • Taras Kostyuk (as Taras) as Kaspar
  • Brad Kelly as Horst
  • Lynn Wahl(as Douglas H. Arthurs) as Cab Driver
  • Douglas Arthurs as Dalibor
  • Gwynyth Walsh as Katja
  • Brahm Taylor as Protagonist
  • Rikki Gagne as Woman #1
  • Crystal Mudry as Woman #2
  • Christian Bocher as Hans Backovic (uncredited)

List of deathsEdit

List of deaths in the film, Cigarette Burns

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