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The Janitor
Known aliases
Portrayed by
Roberto Campanella

The Janitor is a monster that appears in the Silent Hill movie. He is portrayed by Roberto Campanella. His name is shown to have been Colin during life.


The janitor worked at Midwich Elementary School and was cleaning the bathrooms when Alessa Gillespie tried to hide from her classmates as they teased her. He is seen smiling at Alessa as she screams, implying that he sexually assaulted her. He is presumably one of the first victims of Alessa after she splits her soul and creates the Dark World and the Fog World.

Silent HillEdit



In the Fog World, Rose Da Silva finds the janitor's corpse in the bathroom stall where he assaulted Alessa Gillespie thirty years before. His corpse is bound with barbed wire over a blood-stained toilet and two iv drips are shown in the stall with him, suggesting he was tortured before he died.

When the Dark World takes over, the janitor comes to life and begins to drag his corpse along the bathroom floor. He has barbed wire tying his feet to his head; forcing him to crawl on his genitals and a black tongue that flicks in and out of his mouth. Everywhere his hands touch turns to decay, suggestive of a sexually transmitted disease. The janitor screams in pain as he drags himself through the bathroom.

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