Colonel Waxman
Piranha Waxman
Year of death
Portrayed by
Bruce Gordon
Colonel Waxman was played by Bruce Gordon in the movie Piranha.

Biography Edit

He, Dr. Mengers and his soldiers come to the dam, when they are informed about the escape of the piranhas with the intention to kill them with poison, but they ignore the advice of Maggie and Paul to warn people about the threat and not to underestimate it while at the same time maintaining them in secret for the purpose of eventually using them in a future war.

For this purpose he also arrests Maggie and Paul and tries to discredit them, when they fled from him. In his arrogance he finally enjoys his time in the river downwards, while the piranhas found a way to overcome the obstacle of the dam an swim downstream.

He is therefore killed by the Piranhas, when they finally arrive downstream with many others. It is implied he will be the scapegoat for everything.