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IMDb Rating
Creatures from the Abyss
Sit right back and hear a tale, A tale of a frightful ship
Directed By
Massimiliano Cerchi (as Al Passeri)
Produced By
Massimiliano Cerchi, Joseph Holden
Written By
Richard Baumann
Clay Rogers, Michael Bon, Sharon Twomey, Laura di Palma, Ann Wolf
Music By
Elikonia Group
David Williams
Editing By
Peter Jones

Distributed By
Production Film 82
Release Date(s)
8 January 2000 (Japan)
86 minutes
Flag of Italy Italy

Creatures from the Abyss (also known as Plankton) is a 1994 Italian science fiction horror film directed by Massimiliano Cerchi and starring Clay Rogers, Michael Bon, Sharon Twomey, Laura di Palma and Ann Wolf.


Five teenagers embark on a boating trip off the coast of Florida. The teens get hopelessly lost at sea after they get caught in a fierce storm. Fortunately, the quintet stumble across an abandoned yacht in the middle of the ocean with a mysterious biology lab on board it. Unfortunately, there are also ferocious mutated prehistoric fish running amok on the yacht. Will any of the teens survive this harrowing ordeal?


  • Clay Rogers as Mike
  • Michael Bon as Bobby
  • Sharon Twomey as Margareth
  • Laura di Palma as Dorothy
  • Ann Wolf as Julie
  • Deran Sarafian as Professor

Home mediaEdit

Shriek Show released it on July 31, 2007 as a part its Mutant Monsters Triple Feature which combined it with The Dark and The Being.


Excerpt from 'Creatures From The Abyss (1994)04:14

Excerpt from 'Creatures From The Abyss (1994)

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