IMDb Rating
Directed By
Christopher Smith
Written By
Christopher Smith
Franka Potente
Ken Campbell
Vas Blackwood
Jeremy Sheffield
Sean Harris
Music By
The Insects
Danny Cohen
Editing By
Kate Evans

Produced By
Dan Films
Zero West
Release Date(s)
10 August 2004
85 min.
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Flag of Germany Germany
Creep is a 2004 British-German horror film written and directed by Christopher Smith. The film follows a woman locked in the London Underground overnight who finds herself being stalked by a hideously deformed killer living in the sewers below.

Plot Edit

The plot follows Kate, an arrogant socialite through one disastrous night, in which she was kidnapped by a monster together with others. Now she has to fight for her life, if she wants to survive it.

Cast Edit

  • Franka Potente as Kate
  • Vas Blackwood as George
  • Ken Campbell as Arthur
  • Jeremy Sheffield as Guy
  • Paul Rattray as Jimmy
  • Kelly Scott as Mandy
  • Joe Anderson as Male Model
  • Sean Harris as Craig, the "Creep"
  • Morgan Jones as the Night Watchman

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