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Dahlia Gillespie
Silent Hill Dahlia
Known relatives
Alessa Gillespie (daughter),
Christabella (sister)
Year of birth
63, 33 (in flashbacks),
69 (Revelation)
Portrayed by
Deborah Kara Unger

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Dahlia Gillespie is a fictional character from Silent Hill and Silent Hill: Revelation, and is portrayed by Deborah Kara Unger. Dahlia is the mother of Alessa Gillespie and the sister of Christabella.

Background Edit

Dahlia was a member of a religious cult that resided in the town of Silent Hill. She gave birth to an illegitimate child named Alessa, who was outcast by the townspeople due to the circumstances of her conception. Dahlia spent years watching as her child was abused by the members of the cult, who believed her to be "sin incarnate". In 1974, Dahlia is called to Alessa's school after her child was sexually assault by the school janitor. There, her sister Christabella convinces her that Alessa needs to be purified. Dahlia and Christabella take Alessa to the town's secret church, where the mother and daughter are separated. A distraught Dahlia runs to the police, but it's already too late for Alessa by the time they return to the church. Alessa is found shackled to a metal seal, with third degree burns over one hundred percent of her body. That night, Alessa splits her soul and creates the Dark World and the Foggy World. Dahlia is dragged into the alternate dimensions by her enraged daughter, where she spends the next thirty years being outcast by the remaining townspeople and hiding from the darkness.

Silent Hill Edit

Silent Hill young Dahlia

A young Dahlia at her daughter's burning

Rose Da Silva first meets Dahlia in the Foggy World version of Silent Hill, where Dahlia realizes that Rose's adoptive daughter, Sharon, is identical to her own daughter, Alessa. Dahlia tries to take Rose's locket, but Rose knocks her to the ground. Dahlia is later seen having rocks thrown at her by Anna, a member of the town's religious cult. Dahlia warns Rose on the church steps that she will be given a choice and that evil wakes in vengeance.

Later, Dahlia finds Sharon hiding in her home and attempts to protect her from the cultists. She and Sharon are taken to the church, where Dahlia is knocked unconscious. She awakens when she senses Alessa's tainted essence entering the church, and hides from her daughter and Dark Alessa as they kill the cultists using tangles of telepathically controlled barbed wire. After the carnage, Dahlia is left alive because, despite her faults, Alessa loved her and would not harm her. Dahlia looks up and recognizes that Alessa has been reborn into Sharon's body and watches as her daughter leaves town with a new mother.

Silent Hill: Revelation Edit

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