IMDb Rating
Directed By
John Parker
Produced By
John Parker
Ben Roseman Bruno VeSota (as Bruno Ve Sota)
Written By
John Parker
Adrienne Barrett (as Bruno Ve Sota) Ben Roseman
Angelo Rossitto
Music By
George Antheli
Shorty Rogers
William C. Thompson
Editing By
Joseph Gluck

Release Date(s)
December 22, 1955 (U.S.)
58 min
Flag of the United States United States
Dementia ​(also known in a slightly altered version as ​Daughter of Horror​) is an American film by John Parker, incorporating elements of the horror film, film noir and expressionism film.


A younng woman awakens from a nightmare in a run down hotel. She leaves the lodging and wanders into the night. She encounters a dwarf hawking newspapers with the bold headline "Mysterious stabbing." She smiles enigmatically and quickly walks on. In a dark alley, a wino approaches and grabs her. A policeman rescues her and beats up the drunken man as she leaves. Along her way, a pimp, sharply dressed with a pencil-thin mustache, approaches her and cajoles her into escorting a porcine rich man in a chauffeured limousine. As they cruise the through the night, she thinks back to her tragic youth and her abusive father. She had stabbed him to death with a switchblade after he shot and killed her unfalithful mother.


  • Adrienne Barrett as The Gamin
  • Bruno VeSota as Rich Man
  • Ben Roseman as Law Enforcer / Father
  • Richard Baron as Evil One
  • Ed Hinkle as Butler (as Edward Hinkle)
  • Lucille Rowland as Mother (as Lucille Howland)
  • Jabbie VeSota as Flower Girl (as Jebbie VeSota)
  • Fath Parker as Nightclub Dancer
  • Gayne Sullivan as Wino
  • Shorty Rogers as Shorty Rogers (as Shorty Rogers and His Giants)


Dementia​ was shot in the studio in Hollywood and on location in Venice, California. Prodcution, including editing, ended in 1953.


Dementia ​is perhaps most famous for its appearance in The Blob ​(1958), where it is the movie palying in the movie theater when the Blob strikes.

The film has been compared to The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari ​(1920) as being a portait of an insane mind from the "inside out".

In 2015 the rock band Faith No More used edited footage from Dementia ​to create to create a video for their song "Separation Anxiety."

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