IMDb Rating
Directed By
Lamberto Bava
Produced By
Dario Argento

Urbano Barberini

Natasha Hovey
Editing By

Piero Bozza

Franco Fraticelli

Produced By
Release Date(s)
4 October 1985
88 minutes



Italian-language films]] Demons' (Italian Dèmoni) is a 1985 Italian action-horror film directed by Lamberto Bava and produced by Dario Argento starring Urbano Barberini and Natasha Hovey The screenplay was written by Bava Argento Franco Ferrini and Dardano Sacchetti from a story by Sacchetti Filming took place in Berlin and Rome.    The film was followed up by seven sequels (many of which are in-name only),

beginning with Demons 2 in 1986

List of deaths Edit

List of deaths in the film, Demons

  • Jerry - Transformed into a demon
  • Bob - Stabbed repeatedly by Demon Jerry
  • Nancy - Stabbed repeatedly by Demon Jerry
  • Rosemary - Transformed into a demon
  • Edith - Stabbed repeatedly by Demon Jerry
  • Carmen - Throat slashed by the Demon Rosemary
  • Liz's lover - Strangled along with Liz by the Demon Rosemary
  • Liz - Strangled along with Liz's lover by the Demon Rosemary
  • Frank - Throat slashed by the Demon Carmen
  • Werner - Eyes stabbed and gouged out by Demon Rosemary
  • Carla - Scalp ripped off by the Demon Rosemary
  • Tony the Pimp - Killed by the Demons
  • Policeman - Throat slashed by Demon Werner
  • Demon Werner - Shot by Policeman
  • Hannah - Transformed into a demon
  • Tommy - Killed by Demon Hannah
  • Nina - Strangled or clawed to death by the Demon Carla
  • Baby Pig - Killed along Hot Dog and Ripper by Demons
  • Hot Dog - Killed along Baby Pig and Ripper by Demons
  • Ripper - Killed along Hot Dog and Baby Pig by Demons
  • Ruth - Skull fractured when a Demon Rosemary
  • Ingrid - Strangled by a demons
  • Kathy - Transformed into a demon
  • Ken - Transformed into a demon
  • Demon Ken - Slashed by George
  • Man in Black - Stabbed in eye by George
  • Cheryl - Transformed into a demon
  • Demon Cheryl - Shot by Kirk