Detective Mulchaey
Detective Mulchaey 2
Portrayed by
David Keith
Detective Mulchaey is played by David Keith in the movie Carrie (2002).

Biography Edit

He is the FBI agent responsible for the investigation regarding the Prom massacre in Chamberlain and the disappearance of Carrie White. He is shown to be detail obsessed and thorough. He interrogates the surviving members of the massacre, including Norma Watson, Sue Snell, Jackie Talbot and Miss Desjarden and investigates the places of the event. He is able to reconstruct the events, which lead to the disaster. He initially suspects Sue of being involved in the prank planned by Tommy and Chris, but Jackie Talbot exonerates her after Detective Mulchaey manages to expose his role in the prank. Still he rightfully suspects, that Sue is not telling everything regarding that night.

While interrogating Miss Desjarden, he comes to the suspicion, that Carrie, somehow, was responsible for the mysterious, unnatural disaster, which destroyed half of Chamberlain.

Trivia Edit

  • It is implied, that he will realise in time, that Carrie is alive, that she did this with her telekinetic abilities, something he never heard about in his life and will therefore also have the task to find and arrest her in the then cancelled tv series.