Donald Pleasence Allan Warren edit

Donald Pleasance (1973)

Donald Henry Pleasence
,(/5 October 1919 Workshop, Nottinghamshire, England – 2 February 1995 Saint-Paul-de-Venice,Alpes-Maritimes, France) was an English film, television, and stage actor.

He started his career in the theters of England and Scotland after World War II. Possessed with an unassuming manner that offset his intensity, British actor Donald Pleasence accrued over 200 film and television roles in an impressive career that spanned more than four decades. He began making a name for himself with small roles in film and TV projects such as "1984" (1956) and "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (ITV, 1955-1960).   His first role in a major Hollywood blockbuster came as a part of the ensemble cast of director John Sturges' "The Great Escape" (1963). It was, however, his iconic portrayal of James Bond's evil nemesis, Blofeld, in "You Only Live Twice" (1967) that most affected the trajectory of Pleasence's future output.

He was most famous, however, by playing Dr. Sam Loomis in the Halloween franchise.

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