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Dwight Iliff Fry was an American actor best remembered for perpetuating the archetype of the sycophantic assistant in service to a malevolent force. In 1931, he immortalized the characters of Renfield and soon after, Fritz in the films Dracula and Frankenstein (respectively). Frye's final genre film was 1943's Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man where he played a bit part as a villager named Rudi. Soon after, Frye passed away from a heart attack stemming from a condition that he had nursed throughout most of his life.

Body of work Edit

31/2/12 Dracula

31/6/21 The Black Camel

31/11/21 Frankenstein

32/7/6 By Whose Hand?

32/11/20 A Strange Adventure

33/1/20 The Vampire Bat

33/4/10 The Circus Queen Murder

33/11/13 The Invisible Man

35/4/22 Bride of Frankenstein

35/9/24 The Crime of Dr. Crespi

35/12/9 The Great Impersonation

37/12/22 The Shadow

38/7/24 Think It Over (Crime Does Not Pay, No. 19)

39/1/13 Son of Frankenstein

39/6/26 The Man in the Iron Mask

40/3/15 Drums of Fu Manchu

40/6/7 Phantom Raiders

40/7/3 Sky Bandits

42/3/13 The Ghost of Frankenstein

43/2/10 Dead Men Walk

43/3/5 Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

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Derived from Dwight Frye's IMDb page

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