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Edward "Eddie" Morales
Year of death
Portrayed by
John Ortiz
Edward "Eddie" Morales was played by John Ortiz in the movie Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.

Biography Edit

He was the Sheriff of Gunnison. He greeted Dallas Howard when he returned to Gunnison from prison, but he also showed a small grudge towards him at times. He investigated the first Xenomorph related cases. He later was with Dallas when the Xenomorphs started to spread throughout the town, and met up with Dallas' brother Ricky and his friends after they asked for help. He later joined a group of survivors waiting for a rescue, and tried to persuade the others to join them at the airlift point to no avail.

Morales was killed, along with those survivors, when Colonel Stevens decided to destroy Gunnison with a tactical nuclear strike rather than risk the infestation spreading and executed it using him and the others as bait on the way for that purpose killing the Predator, the Xenomorphs, and the dying Predalien on the way and succeeding with his purpose.

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