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Erin Ulmer was a survivor of the Devil's Flight rollecoaster in Final Destination 3. She is skeptical and sarcastic. She was a school goth and the girlfriend of Ian McKinley. She was one of the students aboard the Devil's Flight who was removed due to the scuffle between Lewis Romero, Kevin Fischer and Ian. Erin was the fifth survivor to die. She is played by Alexz Johnson.


Erin lived in McKinley, Pennsylvania. She was intelligent, sensitive and sarcastic. She had a relationship with Ian, since they gad like personalities. She celebrated at the amusement park along with Ian for their senior field trip.

Both Erin and Ian call each other by pet names during the movie as well, Ian calls her Pip and Erin calls him Zip. Both her and Ian also work the same job, employees to the Build it store.


After Wendy alerted him and Erin to the planks, they began to fall. Wendy saved Ian from being impaled and soon all of the other items on the shelf fell and fell down on the survivors, except Erin, who was out of the way. No one was hurt. Seconds afterward, a wooden tile landed on top of the end of a plank and sent it through the sandbag, spraying sand in Erin's eyes. She promptly falls back against a nailgun that Ian had left on a set of boxes. It activated, discharging several nails into her head. After a few seconds, Erin dies, devastating Ian and caused him to despise Wendy.


  • Ashley Tisdale audition for the Erin's role.
  • She is by now, the only fifth survivor to die in the series, to be female.
  • She is the only survivor to be showed get slapped on-screen (by Lewis).
  • Amanda Crew originally auditioned for Erin and Alexz Johnson originally auditioned for Julie, but the actresses ended up switching parts.
  • Erin is somehow similar to Billy Hitchcock. Both of them got killed right after the previous survivor who was meant to die in the order was saved by the protagonist.

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