Fear Street is an upcoming horror film has an original story based on the Day Of the Dead horror film by Steve Miner. the film is currently in development, and as of now has no plot or release date.

What we Do Know Edit

  • The film will be an Original Story
  • The script will be written by Kyle Killen.
  • The film will be directed by Leigh Janiak
  • The film will be a movie trilogy

Trivia Edit

Cast Edit

  • Vince Vaughn As Tracher
  • Simon Baker As James
  • John Leguizamo As John
  • Eugene Clark As Black
  • Joris Jarsky As Jago
  • Redman As Jaco
  • Method Man As Jake
  • Devon Bostick As Steven
  • Jake Weber As Robert
  • Steve Weber As Sticker
  • Sid Haig As Darkest
  • Sticky Fingaz As Jo-Gun
  • Snoop Dogg As Fear
  • Stark Sands As Starerd
  • Ving Rhames As Kombat Gun.
  • Bill Moseley As Hell Rocks
  • Greg Travis As Premelos
  • Felix Kjellberg As Ghost Catcher
  • Marzia Bisognin As Ghost Catcher
  • Mark Edward Fischbach As Ghost Catcher
  • Seán William McLoughlin As Ghost Catcher
  • Kyle Morris As Jack
  • Scott Thomson As Johnny

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