IMDb Rating
Firestarter 2
Firestarter-2--Rekindled-stephen-king-72832 1024 768
Directed By
Robert Iscove
Music By
Randy Miller

Produced By
USA Films
Distributed By
Universal Pictures
Release Date(s)
10 March 2002
180 min.
Flag of the United States United States
10.000.000 $
thumb|300px|right|Movie TrailerFirestarter 2: Rekindled (also known simply as Firestarter: Rekindled) is a 2002 television miniseries and the sequel to the film adaptation of the Stephen King novel Firestarter. It stars Marguerite Moreau as now-grownup Charlie McGee, Danny Nucci, Dennis Hopper and Malcolm McDowell as Charlie's old nemesis from the original story, John Rainbird.

In the United States, the miniseries was broadcast on SCI FI. Originally, the film was supposed to be followed by a television series, but the series never went into production.


Many years after the tragic events of the first Firestarter film, Charlie McGee remains on the run from her past. On the road under an assumed name (Tommy Andrews, after her parents), she lands a job at a university library, where she secretly researches to find a way to suppress her pyrokinetic abilities, so that she can have a normal life. At the same time, a man named Vincent works for a large influential research firm looking for people involved in a mysterious 1970s experiment as part of a supposed legal settlement. In truth, the corporation is killing off these people to eliminate evidence of past wrongdoing. Eventually, he locates the most elusive product of the experiment: Charlie McGee. Together the two uncover the scheme at the corporation and must work together to stop it. On the way, McGee discovers that her nemesis John Rainbird is still alive, and that he has a new group of charges: several boys with their own special abilities. She also realises they are after them.

Charlie therefore discovers, that she has to deal with them once and for all.



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