Unfinished FrankensteinIcon
IMDb Rating
Frankenstein 1970
Directed By
Howard W. Koch
Produced By

Aubrey Schenck

George Worthing Yates
Boris Karloff
Music By
Paul Dunlap
Carl E. Guthrie
Editing By
John A. Bushelman

Produced By
Aubrey Schenck Productions
Distributed By
Allied Artists Pictures
Release Date(s)
July 20, 1958
83 Minutes
Flag of the United States United States
Frankenstein 1970 is a 1958 science fiction horror film, shot in black and white CinemaScope, starring Boris Karloff and featuring Don "Red" Barry. The independent film was directed by Howard W. Koch.

Plot Edit

Baron Victor von Frankenstein (Boris Karloff), suffered torture and disfigurement at the hands of the Nazis as punishment for not cooperating with them during World War II. Horribly disfigured, he nevertheless continues his work as a scientist. Needing funds to support his experiments, the Baron allows a television crew to shoot a made-for-television horror film about his monster-making family at his castle in Germany.

This arrangement gives the Baron enough money to buy an atomic reactor, which he uses to create a living being, modeled after his own likeness before he had been tortured by the Nazis. When the Baron runs out of body parts for his work, however, he proceeds to kill off members of the crew, and even his faithful butler, for more spare parts. Finally, however, the monster turns on the Baron, and they are both killed in a blast of radioactive steam from the reactor. After the reactor is shut down and the radiation falls to safe levels, the monster's bandages are removed, revealing the Baron's own face prior to his being disfigured by the Nazis, and an audio tape is played back, in which the Baron reveals that he had intended for the monster to be a perpetuation of himself, as he was the last of the Frankenstein family line.

Cast Edit

  • Boris Karloff as Baron Victor von Frankenstein
  • Tom Duggan as Mike Shaw
  • Jana Lund as Carolyn Hayes
  • Donald Barry as Douglas Row
  • Charlotte Austin as Judy Stevens
  • Irwin Berke as Inspector Raab
  • Rudolph Anders as Wilhelm Gottfried
  • Norbert Schiller as Schutter, Frankenstein's butler
  • John Dennis as Morgan Haley
  • Mike Lane as Hans Himmler / The Monster

Relerences Edit

Frankenstein 1970 Relerences 1958.

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