Frederick Loren is the primary character appearing in William Castle's classic 1959 horror film The House on Haunted Hill. He was portrayed by Vincent Price.

Biography Edit

Frederick Loren is an extremely wealthy individual who owns several companies, though it is never stated exactly what his business interests are. Though he presents himself as charming and gracious to strangers and acquaintances, during his private interactions with his current wife, Annabelle Loren, a much darker personality is revealed. Annabelle comments at one point that Frederick sometimes becomes insane with jealousy, and that nothing matters to him when this emotion overtakes him. She also notes that because of his vast wealth he believes that he can get away with anything.

Frederick constantly accuses Annabelle of being unfaithful to him, and this is later revealed to be true. He is also convinced that she tried to murder him at one point, as some arsenic found its way into a glass he was drinking from and he nearly died. Annabelle clearly loathes him and wants him dead, but in her defense, her fear and hatred of him could very well be justified, as his previous wives died under rather mysterious circumstances. Annabelle is his fourth wife; as she tells Lance Schroder: "The first simply disappeared, the other two died." Loren's doctors testified that the two who were found dead had both died of heart attacks, even though they were both in their twenties.

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