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Ginny appears in the second installment of the widely phenomenal Jason films: Friday the 13th Part 2.


Ginny is a newcomer camp counselor the prospering new establishment close to Camp Blood.

It is run by her boyfriend Paul Holt who she and he share fond memories of training youngsters in the wilderness.

Ginny however is an hour late to her first day at the new camp in Crystal Lake and henceforth is trying to make it up to the loving disappointed Paul.

Paul also divulges the legend of Jason Voorhees and the massacre his grieving mother Pamela committed on his behalf.

Ginny takes the story to heart and while partying at a bar with Paul and the others who didn't stay behind for the second night shares her theory on the tale.

Paul dismisses her theory however as they were binge consuming that night.

Later Paul and Ginny return to the camp to find blood in the upstair's main cabin bedroom.

Paul is then jumped in the dark by a masked man concealed with a burlap sack.

Ginny fights him off long enough to find his hidden cabin in the woods.

There she sees a cabin containing Pamela Voorhees decapitated head and the bodies of the victims Jason killed for her.

Gin uses the reverse psychology effect on him claiming to be his mother a
nd telling him is murderous work is finished. However Jason comes through and slices her severely with his pick axe.

Paul then finds the cabin and engages Jason once again.

In the distraction Ginny swings the machete at Jason's arm supposedly killing him.

She later along with Paul return to her cabin when the dog believed to be dead called Muffin returns.

Jason then unmasked lunges through the window at Ginny ending the climatic scene.

It is unknown what happened to PAul.

Her whereabouts after being healed in a local hospital are unknown as Jason had nothing to do with her afterwards.

Ginny was the first survivor of Jason Voorhees.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Ginny was portrayed by Amy Steel in the 1981 slasher sequel Friday the 13th Part 2.

She was the alleged final girl and first survivor of maniac monster Jason Voorhees.

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