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Haddonfield, Illinois is a fictional city in the Halloween motion picture saga. (Seen onscreen in H1, H2, H4, H5, H6, and H8).

Haddonfield, Illonios

Haddonfield, October 31st 1978

Haddonfield is located in Livingston County, Illinois 3.5 miles northeast of the county seat of Pontiac. This north-central Illinois community is known for its Haddonfield Harvest Festival and high school football team, the Haddonfield Huskers. The city has suffered a negative public image due to the frequent appearance and subsequent murders committed by its former native resident, nationally-renowned serial killer, Michael Audrey Myers (born Saturday October 19, 1957). The town is infamous for the legendary killing spree of Halloween night 1978, in which he killed sixteen people.

He returned and killed ten people in the town on October 31, 1988.

Michael Myers Halloween night 1988

Michael lurks in Haddonfield on Halloween night 1988

The municipal government lawfully banned the celebration of Halloween for six consecutive years (1989 - 1995) after the deaths of twelve Haddonfield police officers and five teenagers on Tuesday October 31, 1989.

Haddonfield 1995

Haddonfield as it appears on Halloween 1995

The last known appearance of Michael Myers in Haddonfield was on October 31, 1995, when he left the area and preumably died of the evil inside him caused by an ancient curse inflcited upon him as a child. [In the producers cut of Halloween 6] his curse is finally broken by a mystcial spell performed by Tommy Doyle. Michael took off his mask, left the building and from then on most likely lived as a hermit in the nearby countryside, while his childhood doctor screamed and died of a heart attack caused by his disappearnce. ' These events take place in the 4-6 timeline' the movies Halloween, Halloween 2, Halloween 4, Halloween 5 and Halloween 6.

In the H20 timeline however, the movies Halloween, Halloween 2, Halloween H20; 20 years later, and Halloween Resurrection, Michael Myers fled Haddonfield after his killing spree on Halloween night 1978. He committed various ' minor ' crimes around the state. Much of the world believed him to be dead. He finally reappeared in the nearby town of Langon and killed three people on October 29, 1998.

Haddonfield 2002

Haddonfield in 2002, as it's shown in the H20 timeline movie, Halloween Resurrection

He eventually returned to Haddonfield in 2002 and killed four high school students in his own derilict childhood home, after it was been used for a live internet horror show. He was finally hung, before being later electrocuted in the burning garage. His charred body was taken to the morgue where he regained consciousness, only for a few seconds, this is guessed to be a spasm, which occurs a few minutes after death, showing that the chemicals in the body after defusing.

Haddonfield was named for its founder, a farmer named Jonathan Carpenter Haddon, who sold 1,800 acres of prime farmland to the state on Christmas Day 1828; about ten years after Illinois joined the Union. After Livingston County was formed in 1837, the county government recognized the acreage as a township named Haddon's Field. When United States Route 66 was officially designated from Chicago to Los Angeles in 1926, with part of its route cutting through the county, the township by then had grown into a sizable town complete with a town square marketplace and was lawfully renamed Haddonfield. It was incorporated as a city on February 27, 1927, the centennial anniversary of the county's founding.

Haddonfield is 93 miles southwest from Chicago, 61 miles southwest from Langdon, Illinois, (a suburb of Chicago), and 108.3 miles northeast from the capital city of Springfield. The southern municipal boundaries of the city include the Lost River, a tributary of the Vermillion River. Today, the historic downtown area offers residents and visitors with many period restaurants and specialty shops. The city boasts many historic and other quality-built residences along tree-lined streets and boulevards. Miles of farmlands cover the outskirts of the city limits.

An old rendition of Haddonfield's City MapEdit

  • 01. The Strode residence [H1]
  • 02. The Doyle residence [H1 & H2]
  • 03. The Wallace residence [H1 & H2]
  • 04. The Myers' Victorian residence (1963-1965) [H1 & H2]
  • 05. The Brackett residence [H1]
  • 06. The Van Der Klok residence [H1]
  • 07. Haddonfield Elementary School [H1, H2, H4]
  • 08. Haddonfield High School [H1]
  • 09. The Lost River Drive-In [mentioned in H2]
  • 10. Hermit's riverside dwelling [H5]
  • 11. Haddonfield Memorial Hospital [H2]
  • 12. Haddonfield Memorial Park Cemetery [H1]
  • 13. The Carruthers residence [H4 & H5]
  • 14. The Meeker residence [H4]
  • 15. The Tower Farm [H5, H6 & H9]
  • 16. Blankenship residence (not shown; across from the Myers residence) [H6]
  • 17. C.W. Lampkin Park
  • 18. Highway towards Smith's Grove, Illinois
  • 19. Vincent's Discount Mart [H4 & H5]
  • 20. Nichol's Hardware Store [H1]
  • 21. Haddonfield Junior College [H6]
  • 22. Haddonfield Country Club
  • 23. Haddonfield Police Department (not shown) [H4 & H5]
  • 24. Dale's Gas Station, Fifth Street / Main Street intersection (not shown) [H5]
  • 25. Haddonfield University (not shown in H8, shown in H9) [H8 & H9]
  • 26. The Myers' Gothic Mansion residence (1945 - 1963) (not shown) [H5]
  • 27. The Cassidy And Kenneth Residence (2001) [H3 Remake]
  • 28. The Victor Brackett And Candy Norman (2002) [H3 Remake]
  • 29. The Rachel Havelock residence (2006) [H3 Remake]
  • 30. The Mansion Of The Brackett Family 2000 [H3 Remake]
  • 31. The Elizabeth Simon residence 2003 [H3 Remake]

Haddonfield, Illinois


  • Haddonfield, Illinois was named for real-life Haddonfield, New Jersey, where Halloween and Halloween II co-writer and co-producer Debra Hill was born on November 10, 1950.
  • Because of various writers for each Halloween film installment, Haddonfield was never given a definitive location in the state of Illinois until Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. Haddonfield was placed on a bus depot map called Serving Northern Illinois, located between Pontiac and Dwight, two communities within Livingston County, Illinois.
  • With Haddonfield placed in Livingston County, a noticeable error on the aforementioned map places Smith's Grove a few miles to the north from Haddonfield. In the first film, Smith's Grove was already established as being 150 miles away. In Halloween II, Smith's Grove location was placed in Warren County, Illinois, which is in the western part of the state.
  • In the 2000s, Halloween Comics, expanded universe material outside of the films, officially acknowledge and designate, in character autopsy reports, that Haddonfield in Livingston County, Illinois.
  • Digital technology, both audio and visual, or newly shot footage could permanently fix all continuity issues concerning Haddonfield's geographic location, in potential re-releases of the "Halloween" films (1978 - 2002) in which Michael Myers is the main antagonist.
  • The first film establishes that Haddonfield has an elementary school and a senior high school.
  • The second film establishes that the murders of Laurie's friends took place in the northwest section of Haddonfield on a street called Orange Grove. The real-life addresses for the houses used for the Doyle and Wallace residences are on Orange Grove Avenue in West Hollywood, California.
  • The second film establishes that Haddonfield has a shopping district, called the Town Square in official Halloween canon. The shopping area used on screen was also seen in Halloween III: Season of the Witch. The real-life location for these scenes took place in Sierra Madre, California.
  • The second film establishes that Haddonfield has a large general hospital: Haddonfield Memorial Hospital.
  • The fourth film reintroduces the elementary school.
  • The fifth film introduces Haddonfield Children's Clinic and the Masterson Clinic.
  • The sixth film introduces Haddonfield Junior College.
  • The eighth film introduces Haddonfield University.
  • Although tropical ornamental lawn bushes (such as the yucca filamentosa) and palm trees can be seen throughout "Haddonfield, Illinois" in the first film, it is not farfetched for them to be "introduced" in the climate of real-life Illinois. Hardy trunk palm trees, such as the Canary Island Date Palm, can withstand freezing temperatures in humid continental climate. However, digital technology for a potential reissue of the first film can edit out the palm trees in the scenes they are shown on film.

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