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Harry Warden
Known aliases
The Miner
Known relatives
Year of birth
Date of birth
Year of death
1998 (2009 version)
Date of death
Februari 14th

Alive (1981)

Deceased (2009)
Portrayed by

Peter Cowper (1981)

Richard John Walters (2009)
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Deceased (2009) characters]]

Harry Warden (A.K.A. The Miner) appears in the 1981 Canadian Slasher film My Bloody Valentine and the 2009 3D Remake.


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Axel Palmer guised as The Miner

My Bloody Valentine===

My Bloody Valentine 3D

In 1997, Harry Warden and five fellow mineworkers are trapped in a cave-in in a mine of the Hanninger family on Valentine Day. After six days, rescue workers find the mine workers but what they see is horrifying. In a selfless act of self-preservation, Harry Warden killed the others so they would stop using oxygen. Harry himself is comateuse and brought to a hospital. 

A year later, his condition hasn't changed much but on Valentine's Day, he regains conscious and goes on a killing spree through the hospital. He removed the heart of one nurse and put it in a Valentine's box. After the Hospital Massacre, he returned to the location of his first murders. At the mine a party is happening and Warden wastes no time and kills a boy by impaling his head with a pick-axe, with the pike of the pick-axe leaving through the eye socket. A girl named Sarah witness this gruesome act and flees, only to find more death in her path. As he leaves the mine, he throws a second pick-axe through the windscreen of a car, the car of Sarah and a friend of Sarah, Axel. In blind panick, Axel flees with Sarah but leaves Tom Hanninger behind. Warden sees this as a change to kill the boy responsible for what happened to him the year before, as it was Tom who failed to prevent the cave-in. Tom was supossed to vent methane gas but forgot, with the terrible accident as a result. But before Warden can kill Tom, he is shot by police sheriff Burke and his partners. He was fled into the mine. They never found him...

Harry warden

Harry making use of his pick-axe

The true killer

Harry Warden in reality died five years before the gruesome murders committed on February 14th by Axel Palmer the tragic witness of his father's gruesome murder and mutilation at the hands of Warden.

For you see Axel's father happened to be one of the informants.

In the 2009 remake Harry was shot and killed by Ben Foley and former Bluff's sheriff Jim Burke.

He was buried not far from the hatch leading out of the Hanniger Mine. And in the remake Tom Hanniger was the killer reliving Harry's wrath of terror and had dug up his bones and mask, donning both.

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