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Heather Langenkamp Porter
Known aliases: Nancy Thompson
Location: Hollywood
Known relatives: Chase Porter (husband)

Dylan Porter (son)

Year of birth: July 17, 1964
Year of death: N/A
Signature weapon: Knife
First appearance: A Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors Wes Craven's New Nightmare

Portrayed by: Heather Langenkamp
Heather Langenkamp Porter is a fictionalized version of the real Heather Langenkamp, having left the A Nightmare on Elm Street movies behind. When work starts on a new 'Nightmare' film, Heather begins experiencing prophetic dreams about murders seemingly committed by Freddy, the villain of her movies. Her husband is killed in strange circumstances and her son starts acting peculiar, causing her to worry for his safety. After discussions with Robert Englund and Wes Craven, Heather believes that "Freddy" may be a demon attempting to infiltrate the real world and sees her as an obstacle due to her role of 'Nancy', where she defeated Freddy numerous times. Freddy captures her son Dylan to lure her into his realm, and Heather uses sleeping pills to help her travel there. Together with her son, she is able to trap Freddy in a furnace and burn him alive, destroying him and sending them both back to the real world, where things slowly turn back to normal.

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