Henry Hull
Henry Hull
Known aliases Henry Vaughan

Henry Hull (October 3, 1890 – March 8, 1977), born Henry Vaughan, was an American actor who was born in Louisville, Kentucky on October 3rd, 1890. Although Hull's career had little to do in the way of horror films, he is notable for portraying the role of Doctor Glendon in the 1935 Universal Pictures horror classic, Werewolf of London. Makeup effects artist Jack Pierce was charged with transforming Hull's character into a beastly half-man/half-wolf. Due to the standards of the time however, Pierce was instructed to tone down his efforts so as to not make Hull's appearance too grotesque, thus offending the sensibilities of 1930s audiences. While Hull's contribution to the genre is significant, it pales in comparison to that of his lycanthrope successor, Lon Chaney, Jr., who played the role of tormented werewolf Larry Talbot in the 1941 Universal film The Wolf Man. Known chiefly for starring in westerns, Werewolf of London proved to be Henry Hull's only role in a horror film. Hull passed away in Cornwall, England on March 8th, 1977.

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