Horror Movie Central is an underground horror movie review website. It is run out of Peru, Illinois by aspiring filmmaker James Burden. Formed in early 2009, this webpage became a daily visit for the community of and the Horror Board on

The site is notable for being one of the first online pages to post a review of the Friday the 13th 2009 remake. It also boasts reviews of the unreleased critically acclaimed independent films Die-ner (Get it?) and Evil Things.

On the website, there is a section of nothing but free horror movies. Films include Children of the Corn, Nosferatu, and They Live.

The webpage also once had a forum until it was overrun with many spammers. The forum is expected to be re-added later next year.

Notable Contributers Edit

The following is a list of notable people who have been partnered with Horror Movie Central:

Seth Martin [producer of Die-ner (get it?)]

Emil Hyde [director of The Landlord]

Dominic Perez [director of Evil Things]

Jordan Downey [director of ThanksKilling]

Jim O'Rear [director of Scream Farm and Special FX artist on the original Day of the Dead.]

Greg Lamberson [director of the cult classic Slime City]


Burden hopes to hold an independent horror film festival in 2012. If he does so, it would be the first ever film festival in the Illinois Valley region of the Midwest.

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