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Howling IV: The Original Nightmare
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A terrifying journey into the gaping jaws of death...
Directed By
John Hough
Produced By
Harvey Goldsmith, Steven A. Lane, Avi Lerner, Robert Pringle, Edward Simons, Harry Alan Towers
Written By
Gary Brandner (novel), Freddie Rowe, Clive Turner
Romy Windsor, Michael T. Weiss, Antony Hamilton, Susanne Severeid
Music By
David George, Barrie Guard, Justin Hayward
Godfrey A. Godar
Editing By
Malcolm Burns-Errington, Claudia Finkle

Distributed By
Warner Bros.
Release Date(s)
November 1988 (USA)
94 minutes
United Kingdom
Preceded By
Followed by
Howling V: The Rebirth

Howling IV: The Original Nightmare is a 1988 direct-to-video horror film. It is a sequel to The Howling, and was directed by John Hough from a screenplay by Freddie Rowe and Clive Turner. It stars Romy Windsor, Michael T.Weis, Antony Hamilton, Susanne Severeid, and Lamya Derval. International Video Entertainment (IVE) released this film directly to home video in 1988. Platinum Disc Corporation released it to DVD in 2004. It was filmed on location South Africa. The Back of the DVD shows scenes from Howling III: The Marsupials.


An author who was sent to the small town Drago, because of a nervous breakdown, gets wound up in a mysterious mystery about demons and werewolves. She starts seeing ghosts and dismisses them as her own imagination, but when they turn out to be real, she starts to get suspicious of the odd town and of its past.


  • Romy Windsor as Marie
  • Michael T. Weiss as Richard Adams
  • Antony Hamilton as Tom
  • Susanne Severeid as Janice
  • Lamya Derval as Eleanor
  • Norman Anstey as Sheriff
  • Kate Edwards as Mrs. Ormstead


This film has not generally been well received by horror fans due to little- on screen werewolf activity. Fangoria awarded the film its 1988 Golden Chainsaw Award for best Direct-to-video feature.


Co-Writer Clive Turner appears in the film as a tow truck driver. Turner also worked on the subsequent Howling V: The Rebirth and wrote and directed the seventh film in the Howling series, Howling: New Moon Rising.


The Film's theme Something Evil, Something Dangerous was performed by Justin Hayward, lead singer of the Moody Blues.


The Howling IV - The Original Nightmare Trailer01:28

The Howling IV - The Original Nightmare Trailer

The Howling IV - The Original Nightmare Trailer

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