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Hunt Wynorski was a survivor in The Final Destination. He is a survivor of the McKinley Speedway accident. He was friends with Nick, Lori and ex-boyfriend of Janet. Among the survivors, Hunt was the most obnoxious and insensitive, caring very little for the survivors of the accident and their deaths. He was the fifth person to die after the accident. Hunt is played by Nick Zano.


Hunt was resided in McKinley, Pennsylvania. He was impertinent, narcissistic and particularly choleric. Hunt had dated with Janet, before they end their relationship. He and Janet attend college together, along with Nick and Lori. They watch a race at the McKinley Speedway for their college break.


While at the pool answering a phonecall from Nick, a kid squirted water at him and messed up his phone. Hunt gets mad and took the water gun him and tossed it behind a gate. Behind the gate was a lever controlling the draining in the pool and when he tossed the gun over, if shifts the lever down and starts sucking in the water. While relaxing by the pool someone in the adjacent field hit a golf ball and it hit him on the side and he dropped his lucky coin, but in the process, the drain starts to suck on his swimming trunks from behind. Unable to move, Hunt lies underwater screaming for help as the draining pressure gets higher and higher until the pump from the outside explodes, drowning him and sending his blood and organs all over the poolside, indicating that they were sucked out of his body through his anus. His lucky coin falls to the poolside in front of Nick.


  • Hunt's personality and role is very similar to Carter Horton from Final Destination 1: selfish, brash and caring little for the survivors' death. They also died in the same order (fifth).
  • There is an alternate death where Hunt instantly dies just as his organs are displaced.
  • Hunt and Candice Hooper from Final Destination 5 have similar issues. After he lost his lucky coin, he died, and after Candice accidently broke her lucky bracelet, she died.
  • Hunt's death is loosely based on a real life deaths of Valerie Lakey and Abigail Taylor.

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