IMDb Rating
It Conquered the World
Directed By
Roger Corman
Produced By
Roger Corman
Written By
Lou Rusoff
Charles B. Griffish (uncredited)
Peter Graves
Lee Van Cleef
Beverly Garland
Sally Fraser
Music By
Fred E. West
Editing By
Charles Gross

Distributed By
Release Date(s)
July 15, 1956
71 minutes
Flag of the United States United States
[[Category:American International Pictures]]

It Conquered the World is an Independent made 1956 American black-white science fiction film, produced and directed by Roger Corman, starring Peter Graves, Lee Van Cleef, Beverly Garland and Sally Fraser. It Conquered the World was released theatrically by American Interational Pictures on a double bill with The She-Creature.

It Conquered the World concerns an alien creature from the planet Venus that secretly wants to take control of the Earth. The creature makes radio contact with a disillusioned human scientist, who agrees to help because the scientist believes such an alien intervention will bring peace and save a doomed humanity from itself.

Plot Edit

Dr. Tom Anderson (Van Cleef), an embittered scientist, has picked up the voice of a Venusian alien in his radio transmitter. The alien wants to take over the world with its mind-control devices and thus

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