Jenifer Character
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Year of birth
Appears to be around 30
Portrayed by
Carrie Anne Fleming
Jenifer is the villain in the Masters of Horror 's episode, Jenifer. She is played by Carrie Anne Fleming.


Jenifer is seen for the first time, being dragged near the docks by crazed man. As she cries in fear, she is about to be killed by the man who carries a meat cleaver but before he can butcher her, he is stopped by Frank Spicey, a police officer. The man can't be reasoned with and as he was to kill Jenifer afterall, he was shot by Frank. When Frank checked on him, he uttered Jenifer's name in his dying breath. When he turns to Jenifer, he discovers that she has a disfigured face. Torn between disgust and pity, he comforts her when she hugs him, while she was crying in fear.

Later, she would be visited in the asylum by Frank, who can't seem to get her out of his mind. At the moment, she is showering and before the nurse can cover her up, she hugs him. When an orderly makes some snarky remarks, he decides to take her home. He gives her bed on the couch but later that night, he dreams of her, although not disfigured. He is woken up however by the real Jenifer. Before he can sent her down, she scares Frank's wife, Ruby, waking up the whole house. When Frank and Ruby are discussing what they should do with Jenifer, she suddenly turned to Ruby and kissed on the mouth, only to bite her in process. Once she realized what Jenifer has done, she passes out. The next day, Frank has to find her a new home but during the car ride, Jenifer seduces him and eventually the two have sex. Feeling connected to Jenifer, he can't let her go and makes up excuses to keep her. She secures her place in his house, after running inside and eating the cat. This act is the straw that breaks the camel's back for the family and Ruby decide to leave Frank and take their son with her, leaving Frank and Jenifer behind.

With his marriage in shambles, he screams at Jenifer for what she has done but later that night, she seduces him once again and once again, they had sex. The next day, Jenifer meets the girl next door and would proceed to kill and devour her. Unable to bring himself to kill her, Frank decides to try to sell her to a side show. This plan however backfires as Jenifer would kill the side show owner as well. This leads Frank to leave the city with her and live with her in the woods.

For a while, everything goes fine but when Frank takes on a job at a local store, Jenifer grows jealous of his female boss, fearing that she might have competition. To get back at Frank, she tricked the son of the woman to follow her in the forest, at a rave party. She ties him up and disembowles him alive, when she is discovered by Frank. Finally finding the strength, he decides to kill her and drags her into woods, while wielding an axe. He tied her to a tree and tried to behead her but her cries were heard by a hunter who quickly came to her rescue and shot Frank. As Frank uttered her name in his dying breath, Jenifer embraced her next victim...

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Jenifer has the uncanny ability to lure and seduce men. At initial contact, she invokes sympathy for her in the man, making him her protector. Once, she has a protector, she won't actively try this with any other male. Despite her appearance, she is able to seduce men, causing the man to obsess over her and eventually take her in his house. From this point forwards, she will isolate the man and forces him to act in her best interest. She is able to surpress his anger towards her, rendering them unable to harm her. This mind control won't hold long however and eventually the man will turn on her. When this happens and the man decides to kill her, she lures in another man, who kill her previous protector, in order to save her life. This man becomes her new protector and the cycle continues. This abilities imply that she is a predatory succubus, rather than a human.

With her luring abilities, she is also able to subdue prey, allowing her to kill it without much resistance.


Jenifer is a blonde woman with a beautiful body yet a disfigured face. She has blurry black eyes, without any pupils or iris. Her upper lip is damaged, which exposes her teeth. The nature of this disfigurement remains unexplained however, so it isn't sure if the damage is her natural appearance or if someone mutilated him.


Since it remains unsure if Jenifer's behavior is part of her feral nature or if she is evil, it is difficult to speak out about her morality All her decisions are in favor of her own survival and often involves manipulating people and isolating them. She seems to care little for anyone, who isn't her protector. She has a tendency to try to make things right with the protector, often by means of sexual seduction but it can be argued that she only do this to protect her. She seems to have a jealous streak towards him however. If she feels cheated, she will take revenge on someone close to her protector. When she feels like her protector is finally going to turn on her, which she can't solve anymore, she will replace him with a new protector, who she will have her old protector.


  • Jenifer's character, both in nature, behavior as effect on men are similar to the Shambleau from the titular short story from 1933 and the Harpy from the 1979's animated short, Harpya.

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