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Directed By
Produced By
Mick Garris
Written By
Bruce Jones
Steven Weber
Steven Weber
Lauri Brunetti
Carrie Anne Fleming
Brenda James
Harris Allan
Beau Star

Release Date(s)
November 18, 2005
60 minutes
Flag of the United States United States
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Jenifer is a 2005 horror film, directed by Dario Argento. It is part of the Masters of Horror series and served as the fourth episode of the first season. It is based on a 10 page black-and-white comic, written by Bruce Jones and illustrated by Berni Wrightson. The comic was originally featured in the Issue #63 (July 1974) of the horror antology title Creepy. After saving a woman's life by shooting her would-be killer, Frank Spivey discovers that the woman has a beautiful body, yet a disfigured face. But for reasons he can't explain, he can't get her out of his head and quickly he comes obsessed by her.


Frank Spivey and his partner are eating takeout in their car, on a deserted road near a lake. After he left the car to get some air, he is disturbed by the muffled screams of a woman. When he sees a man forcing a woman down the docks and when his partner fails to hear him, Frank decided to follow the man. To his shock, he sees the man pushing his victim on a barrel and raising a meat cleaver. The man appears to be desperate and can't be reasoned with. After warning Frank that he has no idea what she is, he tried to kill his victim but get shot. In his dying breath, the man grabs Frank and utters the words Jenifer. Having heard the gunshot, his partner finally shows up and gets back up. Meanwhile, Frank helps Jenifer to get up.The woman is horribly disfigured but despite the revoltion he feels for her, he tried to calm her down and reassured her.

When he did his report to his boss, the would-be killer is depicted as a thief and a madman, and Frank did the right job. Nevertheless, Frank had to see a psychologist, standard procedure. It did however affect him as he is annoyed by his partner when he goes over it lightly and later snaps at his wife, Ruby, when he feels that she is questioning what he did. He later noticed that his hand was cut and went to bathroom to clean the wound. When he has sex with Ruby later, he keeps thinking of Jenifer and unwillingly raped Ruby in the process. The next day, he sees his therapist who reassure him that he did the right thing and tells him that the girl is indeed called Jenifer. She also revealed that the man wasn't a simple vagrant but in fact, use to be a respected business man. When he goes visited Jenifer at an asylum, she greets him by hugging the moment he enters her bathroom. The nurse helping her, just has time to cover her. Deciding that an asylum isn't the place for her, he takes her home, to spend the night.

That night he dreams of Jenifer but in his dreams he isn't disfigured. As she wakes him up, he is slightly annoyed by her but before he can take her downstairs, she is noticed by Ruby who screams at her, scaring Jenifer and waking up their son in the process. As they discuss what they are going to do with Jenifer, Jenifer kisses Ruby and bites her lips. This makes them decide to get her somewhere else. Jenifer later seduces Frank and has sex with him in his car. After this, he returns home with her, much to the annoyance of his wife. To put insult to injury, Jenifer runs into their house and kills their cat, before eating it, traumatizing the family. This leads Ruby to decide that she and her son leaving. Angered by what Jenifer had done, Frank screams at her. Later that night, he is seduced once again by Jenifer and once again, they have sex.

The next day, Jenifer slipped out of the house and meets Amy, a little girl from next door. Frank on the other hand has started drinking and when on his way from the liquor store to home, he sees a pamflet for a local circus. As he returns home, he hears weird noises, and to his horror discover, Jenifer who is now devouring Amy. He freaks out and tries to kill her but can't bring himself to do it. He decides to sell her to circus, having the ringmaster kidnap her. When he returns home, he first believes that the man was successful. He does however quickly learn that this isn't the case and that Jenifer misunderstood what was going on. She thought Frank had send her food... After burying the man in his backyard, he leaves with Jenifer and drives off to a cabin in the woods.

For the following days, they live in the cabin, as Frankie goes looking for a job. He takes a job at a local shop. A night he returns to the cabin to care for Jenifer and for the first time in a long time, everything seems to go fine. When Jack, the son of the shop' owner wants to leave early the next day, Frank offers to take over his shift. But little does he realize that Jenifer has followed him. Seeing him working together with the shop owner, Jenifer grows jealous of the woman and eventually decides to take Jack as her next meal. After luring him with her at a party near the forest, she kills and eat him.

This final murder is the straw that breaks the camel's back and he decides to kill her, only this time for real. He drags her into the forest and is going to kill her with an axe. After tying her to branch, he is ready to decapitate her but before he can kill her, he is stopped and shot by a hunter. As the hunter is going to free Jenifer, Frank grabs the hunter, uttering the words Jenifer. The hunter frees Jenifer who shows her gratitude by caring his hand, secuding yet another man...


  • Steven Weber as Frank Spivey
  • Laurie Brunetti as Spacey
  • Carrie Anne Fleming as Jenifer
  • Kevin Crofton as Homeless Man
  • Beau Starr as Chief Charlie
  • Julia Arkos as Ann Wilkerson
  • Jasmine Chan as Amy
  • Brenda James as Ruby
  • Harris Allan as Pete
  • Matt Garlick as Institute Guard
  • Mark Acheson as Side Show Owner
  • Cynthia Garris as Rose
  • Jeffrey Ballard as Young Jack
  • Brad Mooney as Friend #1
  • Riley Ruckman as Friend #2
  • Jano Frandsen as Hunter

List of deathsEdit

List of deaths in the film, Jenifer

Name Cause of Death Killer On Screen Notes
Unnamed Businessman Shot with a pistol Frank Spivey Yes His last words were "Jenifer"
House Cat Disembowelment Jenifer Yes
Amy Disembowelment Jenifer Yes
Side Show Owner Disembowelment Jenifer No
Jack Disembowelment Jenifer Yes
Frank Spivey Shot with a hunting rifle Hunter Yes His last words were "Jenifer"


Jenifer was released on DVD in 2006, first as a single dvd, later together with Masters of Horror episode, Haeckel's Tale and eventually in Season 1 Masters of Horror box. The DVD featured a large amount of extra content, most director features and interviews with the cast.


  • The story bares resemblance to the 1933's horror story, Shambleau and the 1979's animated short, Harpya, whole have similar plotline.
  • Jenifer is the first Masters of Horror episode, directed by Dario Argento. In season 2, he directed Pelts.