Jesse Ryan
Carrie2 Jesse1
Portrayed by
Jason London
Jesse Ryan was portrayed by Jason London in the movie The Rage: Carrie 2.

Biography Edit

He was the one-time boyfriend of the main character, Rachel Lang and member of the football team at the new Bates High School. In many ways he is a mixture of Tommy Ross and Sue Snell.

He took part in the evil sex game of his friends, but began to show remorse, when Lisa Parker committed suicide. He broke with his girlfriend Tracy, because of her total indifference because of it.

She then met Rachel, when she had to take her dog to a hospital and fell in love with her. She fell in love, too. This love increased in time. This makes Tracy jealous and, together with her friends and the members of the football team plotted to humiliate Rachel to the core in order to separate her from Jesse. While they did this, she separated Jesse from her to make sure it would succeed while trying to seduce Jesse.

When they came to the party, he found nearly everyone dead. He watched Tracy die. He tried to save Rachel by professing her love and telling her he had nothing to do with her humiliation.

She believes him, forgives him and saves him telekinetically. A year after that he is haunted by what happened.