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John Milton
Known relatives
Roman Bridger (son;deceased)
Year of death
Date of death
Portrayed by
Lance Henriksen

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You don't have to do this, Roman! Just tell me what you want, I can make it happen! Any picture, name your budget, script approval, final cut!
― John to Roman [src]

John Milton was played by Lance Henriksen.

He was a Hollywood horror movie producer. Young actress Rina Reynolds (stage name of Maureen Prescott) played in three of his horror movies. He had a key role in the gang-rape of Maureen Prescott, which happened at his home, igniting a series of serial killings through his actions. He also was the producer behind the Stab series.

He was killed by his son, Roman Bridger and was the ninth and final character to fall victim in the third Ghostface killing spree.