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Judith Myers remake
Judith Myers
Known aliases: N/A
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known relatives: Deborah Myers(Mother), Mr.Myers (father)

Michael Myers (Brother), Angel Myers (Sister)

Year of birth: 1975
Year of death: October 31, 1992
Signature weapon: N/A
First appearance: Halloween (2007)
Portrayed by: Hanna R. Hall
For infomation on the original version, please see Judith Myers.

Judith Myers was a minor character in the remake of Halloween and the sister of Michael Myers, and Angel Myers and Cassidy Myers. She first appears in the remake of Halloween, played by Hanna R. Hall in Rob Zombie's remake.


Judith, born in 1975, was the eldest daughter of Deborah Myers. Her father died in the early 1990s and Judith did not like to talk about him. She is verbally abusive towards her brother Michael. She also has a dislike for her mother's boyfriend, Ronnie White. It was rumored around school that she was very promiscuous.

On Halloween night, in 1992, Judith was supposed to take her ten-year-old brother Michael trick-or-treating while their mother went to work as a stripper at the Rabbit In Red Lounge. Instead, Judith invited over her boyfriend, Steve Haley, and the two went upstairs to have sex. Following that, Steve went downstairs to make himself a sandwich, and Judith drifted off to sleep listening to "Don't Fear The Reaper" on her headphones. While downstairs, Steve was murdered by Michael, who had also killed Ronnie.

Michael snaps

Michael killing his sister Judith

Michael then proceeded to go upstairs and don Steve's white Halloween mask, before approaching his sleeping sister and touching her. At first thinking it was Steve, Judith sat up and demanded to know what Michael was doing there. Suddenly, Michael stabbed her in the stomach with a butcher knife. Shocked, Judith stumbled into the hallway and attempted to escape, but Michael caught up with her and mercilessly stabbed her sixteen more times, killing her.