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Alien Executive Officer Kane
was played by the late John Hurt. He was the first victim of the Alien in the movie Alien.

When the Nostromo landed on LV-426 in response to a mysterious signal detected on the moon, Kane became part of the team sent out in search of the signal's origin together with Captain Dallas and Navigator Lambert.

He went inside the ship and discovered the place full of Alien Eggs. While investigating one of the eggs, a Facehugger came out of it and grabbed him. Kane and Lambert then took him in a comatose state back to the ship despite of Ripley´s refusal.

Surgery to remove the Facehugger failed, although the creature later detached by itself and subsequently died. Kane awoke from his coma apparently unscathed. Before returning to hypersleep, Kane and the others elected to eat one final meal, and while they ate, Kane began choking, before violently convulsing and collapsing on the table. As the rest of the crew attempted to restrain him, the Chestburster inside him emerged, gruesomely killing Kane and subsequently escaping the mess hall. After his death, the crew held a short funeral for Kane before they sent his remains into space.