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Kevin Fischer is the survivor of the Devil's Flight roller coaster. A high school jock. He is the boyfriend of Carrie Dreyer, best friend of Jason Wise and friend of Wendy Christensen. Kevin is played by Ryan Merriman.


Kevin resided in McKinley, Pennsylvania and was good friends with Jason and Wendy. He was dating Carrie, who unbeknownst to him planned on breaking up with him following graduation. Kevin had something else in mind though and planned on proposing to her come graduation day. He and his friends attended McKinley Park for grad night were they boarded the ill fated Devil's Flight Rollercoaster.


Five months after Devil's Flight, Kevin is reunited with Wendy and Julie on a subway train on his way home from a football game. Suddenly, Wendy has another premonition of the subway derailing. In the premonition, Kevin is jettisoned outside, screaming as he is violently ground between the tunnel wall and train.


  • There is strong controversy about Wendy, Kevin and Julie's deaths. There's a slight possibility that the train stopped after several attempts by Kev, but this is highly doubtful. Not only that, but since it just so happens Kevin's on the same train Wendy and Julie are on, it would be a great opportunity for Death to finish up list. Also, no one has managed to successfully cheat Death in any of the Final Destination films, so the faxt that Kevin didn't die would be baffling.
  • The strange fact about Kevin, Julie and Wendy's deaths are that usually it at the end of the movie it is unknown whether the survivors lived or not, in the next movie, their fates are revealed. In the end of Final Destination, it is unknown whether Alex, Clear and Carter survive but their fates are revealed in the next movie. The same goes fot the fate of Kimberly and Thomas in Final Destination 2. Their fates are revealed in Final Destination 3 in a newspaper article in Choose Their Fate. Yet, Wendy, Kevin and Julie's deaths aren't mentioned in The Final Destination, but producer Craig Perry had confirmed their death a million timmes via different sites.
  • Kevin was named after the scanning and recording worker of the film.
  • Zac Efron auditioned for the role of Kevin.

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