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Chucky's Daughter,Glenda Ray.

Kristina Hewitt as 'Glenda Ray'(Human Glenda)

Glenda Lee Ray.

By:Shelene aka Zoey666.(Kristina Hewitt)

Shhh its our secrect mommy

Kristina Hewitt as 'Human Glenda Ray'

Kristina Hewitt is an actor in 'Seed Of Chucky' she is 'Glenda' as the human, not the doll. She is mostly like her father, Chucky. She has orange crazy, fuzzy hair. Glenda has a twin brother named 'Glenn'. He is mostly shy and more like Tiffany. Glenn doesn't kill much like Glenda. She smiled and laughed as she watched her mother kill their maid. Kristina Hewitt is the best known as 'Glenda Ray' (The human Glenda) actor for Chucky's and Tiffany's daughter in 'Seed Of Chucky'.

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