Larry, eye, crazy

Larry Laverty in 'The Control Group'

Larry Laverty is an American film and television actor who has appeared in a number of Horror Films over the years. His first genre film was The Hamiltons (2006) in which he played the concerned neighbor. He followed this performance with the role of a cop opposite Rutger Hauer in Dead Tone(2007). In 2008, he appeared in a string of Horror films including Son of Terror(2008), The Sanguinarian(2008),and Loved Ones(2008). In 2009, he appeared in Dog(2009). Then in 2011, he appeared with an all-star cast in Cut(2011). In 2012, two more films are scheduled for release, The Locals(2012) and Sisterhood of Death(2012). Presently, Laverty is in production with costar Brad Dourif on The Control Group(2013).

Larry Laverty on the Internet Movie Database

Larry Laverty on the Horror Movie Database

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