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IMDb Rating
Leatherface 2016 poster
Witness the Beginning of your End...
Directed By
Alexandre Bustillo
Julien Maury
Produced By
Christa Campbell
Lati Grobman
Carl Mazzocone
Les Weldon
Sam Strike
Lili Taylor
Stephen Dorff
Vanessa Grasse
James Bloor
Music By
David Buckley
Antoine Sanier

Distributed By
Release Date(s)
October 20, 2017
Flag of the United States United States
Preceded By

Leatherface is a 2017 American horror film directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury and written by Seth M. Sherwood. This is meant to be a prequel of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Texas Chainsaw 3D. The film was released on October 20th, 2017.[1]

Plot Edit

The film chronicle events in Leatherface's early life, revealing how he became the infamous serial killer. Violent teenagers Jackson (Sam Strike), Bud (Sam Coleman), Ike (James Bloor) and Clarice (Jessica Madsen) escape from a mental hospital with the kidnapped nurse Lizzy (Vanessa Grasse). As the group flees with their captive, they are pursued by Hal Hartman (Stephen Dorff), a vengeful and determined Texas Ranger. One of these teenagers will become the chainsaw-wielding murderer after his mind is destroyed.[2]

Cast Edit

  • Sam Strike as Jackson
  • Lili Taylor as Verna Sawyer
  • Stephen Dorff as Texas Ranger Hal Hartman
  • Vanessa Grasse as Nurse Lizzy
  • James Bloor as Ike
  • Jessica Madsen as Clarice
  • Sam Coleman as Bud




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