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Lily is a character from the Amateur Night segment of the Horror anthology film V/H/S.  


Not much is known about Lily. Her story seems to start in an Irish pub. In the pub, she meets three guys, Shane, Patrick and Clint. Being a shy girl, she is very quiet but she seems to like Clint. Several times, she whispers to him: 'I Like You.' But her overal behavior is a bit odd. Nevertheless, Clint takes her with him to their car as the other two bring a girl named Lisa. The boys give them cocaine and both give it a try. Lily doesn't seemed to like the experience that much. In the motel room, Lisa passes out and Lily only have eye for Clint. Several times, she whispers to Clint that she likes him. She keeps repeating this one phrase. But Shane is so drunk and disappointed in Lisa, he decided that Lily will be his actress in his amateur porn movie. As he raises her legs, it is revealed to Clint and the viewer that she has strange scales growing on her legs. But this go unnoticed to Shane. Lily quickly reacts and gets on top of Shane. She turns her head to Clint and tries undress him so he can participate in their threesome. But he grows nervous and flees to bathroom. Patrick isn't as hesitating and tries his luck but Lily doesn't like him. Like a cat, she hisses at him and moments later, she bites him. At first, Clint doesn't take Patrick serious but suddenly Lily sprouted fangs and kills Shane. Lily is no human! Patrick tries to take her on but fails miserably as she subdues him, rip off his genitals and drink his blood. Clint tries to escape the room but falls and breaks his wrist on the
Lily Reveals true identity

Halfway transformed

stairs. Transformed further, the thin line on her forehead has opened, revealing a brown flesh, she finds him bleeding on the floor. But she still likes him and tries to seduce him and even tried to fellate him. When it comes clear to her that he has no desire for her and he is in fact repulsed by what she is, she crawls away crying. Clint manages to escape but before he can convince someone that he isn't a pervert (he's nude), a fully transformed Lily, sporting giant bat wings, grabs him and flies off with him. Their fate remains unsure as the camera used to film these events, a camera in the glasses of Clint fall of during flight.

Powers and abilitesEdit

Being a succubus, Lily have proven to posses superhuman strength, able of killing people with no effort. She subdued a man with ease, drank his blood and ripped off his genitals with her bare hands. She is also able to transform into a batlike creature with several stages: the first stage is expressed by her sprouting fangs that are strong enough to tear through flesh. The second stage is expressed by her forehead splitting. When she enters the third and final stage, she grows large wings and enables her to fly.


Lily appears to be an introvert girl. She akwardly stares at Clint and ignores most of her surroundings. She keeps repeating that she likes him, in a silent whispering, making her hard to understand. She seems to be easily convinced and a bit naive as she follow three men to their motel room with little persuation. In the motel room, it is revealed she has very lustful and bloodthristy side to her personality. When Shane tries to have his way with her, she quickly takes control and crawls atop of him and tried to undress Clint in order to have a threesome. But if she doesn't like someone, she hisses as them and when her wishes are ignored, she will harm the perpetrator. Not liking Shane nor Patrick, she kills both of them.

Her lust can't be tempered by someone's misery. This is best demonstrated by the fact that she tries to fellate Clint, after he had witnessed her slaughtering his friends and broke his wrist. After she finds out that he isn't aroused, she appears to be offended and crawls away crying, only to attack Clint later, taking him with her.  


  • V/H/S
    • Short: Amateur Night
  • SiREN

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