Lisa Parker
Carrie Lisa
Year of death
Portrayed by
Mena Suvari
Lisa Parker is played by Mena Suvari in the movie The Rage: Carrie 2.

Biography Edit

She is the best friend of Rachel Lang. They both go the the same High School. She becomes the victim of statutory rape by a football team member called Eric Stark losing her virginity on the way. She cannot deal with it and commits suicide. Eric Stark did that as part of an evil sex game organised by the football players to win it, a behaviour most of the team also has.

Her death causes Rachel, who is suffering because of her death, the Sheriff and Sue, the high school councilor, to investigate the circumstances of her death. A foto and her diary help them understand what happened. The cover-up by the Senior D.A. out of political reasons will later decisively contribute to the Black Party, where Rachel will be horribly humiliated by the football players out of revenge because of her cooperation regarding it and, in her rage about what they did to Lisa, among other things, she will slaughter all of them and most of their friends.

Gallery Edit

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