No. Name of Victim Cause of Death Killer On-Screen  Notes
uncountable Many people at party Stabbed/Slashed etc. axe wielding maniac  Yes Massacred in opening scene
1. Mother Strangles to dead axe wielding maniac  Yes She tries to save the kids
2. Survivor Boy#1 Kill (off-camera)Blood splashes are shown over his computer Killer#1 Yes
3 Scott Kill William(killer#2)
4,5 Survivor Boy #2 and Survivor Girl Found dead Killer#1 No Survivor Boy #2 in a chair with his throat slashed and Survivor Girl is laying on ground her body covered in blood
6 Blonde Girl Decapitated  Killer#1 Yes
7 Drunk Guy #1 Axed in leg and chest Killer#1 Yes
8 Drunk Guy #2 Hacked to death with an axe Killer#1 Yes
9 Brunette Girl Hacked to death with an axe Killer#1 Yes
10 Jacuzzi Guy Decapitated Killer#1 Yes
11 Jacuzzi Girl  Struggles to death,drowns in pool Killer#1 Yes
12 Anna Killed  Killer#1 No Her very bloody body is thrown at the wall
13 Brandon Hacked in the back with an axe Killer#1 Yes
14 Roxy Hacked with axe William(killer#2) No
15 Crazy Cal Beaten in the head repeatedly Killer#1 Yes
16 Kareem Hacked with an axe(off-camera) William(killer#2) Yes
17 Jody Killed William(killer#2) No
18 Gay Guy  Stabbed in the stomach Killer#1 Yes
19 Shawn  Stabbed in the chest William(killer#2) Yes
20 Karina Head smashes on table,Stabbed in the chest William(killer#2) Yes
21 Marcus Shot to death Detective Criton and Detective Ann Yes
22 Detective Ann Hacked with axe Killer#1 No
23-24 Couple Unknown Killer#1 or William(killer#2) No Status:Unknown

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