My Super Psycho Sweet 16Edit

Name Cause of Death Killer On Screen Death
Karren Snapped Neck Charlie Rotter No
Craig Impaled in back of head through mouth with broken pool stick Charlie Rotter Yes
Party Planner Crooked spear in the stomach/gutted Charlie Rotter Yes
Kevin Donaldson Chocked with a chain, beaten repeatedly with a spike-balled mace Charlie Rotter Yes
Chloe Anderson Head bashed in witha fire extinguiser Charlie Rotter Yes
Lily McFadden Throat sliced with a sword Charlie Rotter Yes
Olivia Wade Decapitated by a battle axe/ bodycollided with a sushi tiered cake Charlie Rotter Yes
Madison Penrose Throat slit with a knife Charlie Rotter No

My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2Edit

Name Cause of Death Killer On Screen Death
Ted Bell Staabed in the back, strangled with jumper cables in the back of an suv, decapitated


Charlie Rotter Yes
Molly Abiko Electric knife in back of head/forehead split open Charlie Rotter Yes
Jams Feldman Hacked up with a meat cleaver Charlie Rotter Yes
Dereck McNamera Neck impaled with a nail-board Charlie Rotter Yes
Courtney Ramirez Face smashed in with a meat tenderizer Charlie Rotter Yes
Zoe Chandler Covered in alcohol/lit on fire by kitchen lighter(accidentally self-inflicted) Charlie Rotter Yes
Carlyon Bell Throat slit with a knife Charlie Rotter Yes
Charlie Rotter Stabbed in the chest Skye Rotter Yes

My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3Edit

Name Cause of Death Killers On screen
Brynn Blugeoned in the head with a pool light Nathan Stillo Yes
Ami Shot to death multiple times with a nail gun Nathan Stillo Yes
Leo Fincher Throat slit with a knife Alex Bell


Nico Velli Stabbed and then hit in the head with a fire poker Nathan Stillo Yes
Nathan Stillo Disembowled with a scythe Alex Bell Yes

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